Our experience in helping companies set up analytics centers can come in handy for you to realise your AI dreams.

Key Offerings:

Do you really need Hadoop? Is Power BI better than Tableau for your needs? Python vs R?

Which cloud platform do you need? Can entire ML stack run on AWS?

Zorba’s Technology roadmap will help the leadership by answering all these questions and many more.

What team do you need to implement the Analytics roadmap? What specific roles will help you achieve your AI goals? How to scatter the resource hiring across the hiring plan? How to technically evaluate the right candidate for your specific needs?

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How to prioritize which AI projects should go in the execution funnel before others. Managing and tracking the projects on floor across your teams and handholding your teams to make the most out of those projects.

AI as we know it is pretty new. It’s obvious that many senior business leaders may not have enough depth on the subject to make a well-informed decision on how AI teams are to be managed and roadmap executed. We can help the leadership navigate the AI powered world better.

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