Vikram Singha

CTO, GET Group

GET Global Group has been engaged with Zorba for two years. GET provisions outsourced solutions for the Oil & Gas industry worldwide, helping clients with Crew Services, Custom Outsourced Solutions and Integrated Project Delivery. One area of technical concern was in pricing of resources. Due to volatility and geographic sensitivities in market demand, our conventional pricing frameworks were not particularly optimized. We were looking for a data-driven approach to fix this. After engaging with Zorba, they developed a set of comprehensive statistical pricing models using both global macro-economic variables, as well as granular in-house behavioural and demographic data. These models help us to cost & price resources based on their geographies, capabilities, market demand and evolving states of the worldwide industry at large; which puts us in a fairly cutting-edge & flexible business position. We continue to work with Zorba to enhance this, and appreciate their innovative ideas to help GET be smarter in our decision making.

Kunal Bajaj

Founder and CEO, Clearfunds

About the client: Clearfunds is a revolutionary mutual fund investment platform which uses advanced analytics combined with deep financial expertise to recommend best mutual funds to its users. Also, they do not charge you any fee for making investments through their platform and managing them.
“Dear Yash, Just wanted to say thank you. You’ve been a great help in getting us so far and I hope we can continue our association soon.” “Yash is an exceptional data scientist with technical acumen, who was able to obtain successful results for our predictive analytics project with a creative, curious and rigorous approach.”