We started engaging with Clearfunds in November 2017 for developing the machine learning algorithms for their analytics powered mutual fund recommendation platform. Our data driven decision making approach has helped Clearfunds to differentiate itself from competitors and has given it an edge in the market by cutting down costs associated with investment advisory. The Result: and Final Word Zorba is happy to become a part of the success story of Clearfunds as they have been acquired 100% recently by Mobikwik. Zorba was instrumental in shaping their predictive modelling algorithms which formed the core of their offering.

It was a 4 month engagement over which we studied past 15 years of financial data and used that data to train our model which would predict the best mutual funds to invest in both equity and debt categories and will generate recommendations further at a subcategory level .LargeCap, ELSS, etc.

As part of the process, we began by data assessment to see what all financial parameters were available to us for analysis and then shortlisted a list of variables by doing descriptive statistics and other exploratory analysis. We had to take care of a lot of missing values and outlier treatment next, which we did by using univariate and multivariate outlier removal. The algorithm was then trained by making the observations independent of time and the model was trained on a 70% training sample taken out of all the data available across the mutual fund schemes. After ensuring the statistical significance of the model, we also back tested the model and found that our algorithm was able to predict a mutual fund in the top 20% return category with about a 50% higher probability than a random selection, thereby giving a solid data edge to the recommendations generated by

Clearfunds against their competitors. Zorba’s data analytics offerings span over a host of other areas in financial services and healthcare domains where our sophisticated big data algorithms will change the way organizations have been making decisions. On top of it our data visualization offerings have simplified business intelligence applications for senior executives in various organizations.