Leverage Zorba’s thought leadership & technical expertise to give your business the data edge by deploying AI/ML technologies and helping you to seamlessly integrate AI with your existing business systems and processes.

Our key service areas are:

Any analytics is as good as the data on which it is done. If your business does not have a structured way to capture the data, sooner or later you are going to lag behind in the data race which can prove fatal to your business.

We help you to collect, organize and store your data seamlessly on cloud systems as well as transform it to a form which is easy to consume for generating insights.

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Measurement and reporting are critical for smooth functioning of a business. Today, leadership can have unprecedented real time visibility into the most granular aspects of their business, thanks to all the business intelligence tools available today.

Our BI experts can help you develop the dashboards which will assist you to track your business on the go even on your mobile.

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The core process/engine you use to make decisions in today’s dynamic world needs to be powered with the intelligence gathered from real data, and predictive analytics makes it easy to make decisions for the future based on learnings from the past data.

Our predictive modelling team can train and deploy a range of statistical models on your data and help you pave a more informed way into the future.

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If you are trying to bring the next wave disruption in your industry, AI and ML is not something you can ignore. Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and AI Chatbots have completely surprised us with what algorithms are capable of.

Our advanced ML team can help you develop the products and services on top of these deep tech algorithms.

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