Are you a business struggling with covid problem and need some fresh experienced brains to assist you in the process while bringing a strong data angle to the solution?

We understand your cost and cash flow challenges due to covid lockdown. Cost and Cash Flow are 2 levers which can make or break your business in next 18 months. We project 1 out of 3 SMEs to shut down and another 1 out of 3 losing more than 75% of revenue in coming 18 months.

Let Zorba bring new ways to get the cost reduction and cash flow enrichment to the table with our covid specific "Cash is King" ideology. There is a 6 step cost and 9 step cash flow framework to give your business the needed cushion for the post lockdown economy.

Be it demonetization or Covid19, we live in a world of crisis. Every time a crisis hits, the new world becomes more digitized compared to how it was before . Digital way of working and a preference for contactless services is going to be the new normal. The problem is not only the lockdown, customers will hesitate to venture out for a long time to come now.

Let us carve the path for your business to be ready for the new world order which is the world of digitization. Our expertise in digitizing businesses is going to be the launchpad to take your business to the next level with our 5 step framework, which has time and again proved its mettle with our clients.

The economic outlook has never been this uncertain before. Coronavirus has pushed economies to a standstill owing to lockdown and businesses are struggling to figure out when will the demand revive and how exactly will their business and product category be affected. On top of it, the competitor response adds more complexity to an already unpredictable outlook.

Our forecasting expertise with the help of high end machine learning algorithms is going to be a great value add to baseline critical business/industry metrics for future. We have a 6 step sales and 5 step business outlook strategy in place which will help fine tune margin, market share and revenue mix.

Lockdown and mobility restrictions in various places owing to coronavirus outbreak have disrupted the supply chains and made it difficult for business operations to continue. Businesses need to constantly monitor and create contingency plans for various suppliers which may fall under virus hotspots. And these hotspots themselves, will keep changing every day depending upon the infection affected perimeter.

Zorba's continuity framework identifies risks and helps you keep contingencies ready at your beck and call for critical parts. Our expertise in supply chain analytics with some of the global manufacturing giants put us in a favorable position to deal with a dynamic supply and operations.

The presence of virus is going to ensure that your workforce is not going to resume normal office working for a long time. The productivity is taking a hit for many organizations while they find it difficult to migrate to remote working. Also, the workforce needs to be reevaluated from a cost perspective while ensuring livelihood for employees.

Our expertise on human resource planning and our team's research and tracking of government policies is going to put this issue on autopilot for you while you battle other challenges to navigate this crisis.

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