Our experience with fortune 500 players has taught us one thing, more resources and bigger teams do not necessarily mean better work. Getting the perfect resources for a field like data science is pretty tough given the fact that flagship tools in Predictive analytics, data transformation and BI have changed 3-5 times in the last10 years.

Also, having a great data team is not about having great statisticians and programmers. There is a strong component of non-tech skills like communication, business acumen and problem solving that goes into the mix to make the perfect data leader cocktail.

To help you achieve the right taste in that cocktail, Zorba helps you program manage the entire training effort in consulting style in its never before customized approach of project and domain centric data science training programs.

With Zorba, its your Cocktail, you decide what goes into it with our expert advice to help you along the way.

Areas of Training: